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Calling all women interested in Evangelism! 

Come be a part of our community and enroll in our training course, Kingdom Living: A hands-on guide to spreading the gospel.

Hello my name is Jo!

When we hear the word Evangelism we may have a number of thoughts, some of them negative.  We have all experienced that street preacher, shouting turn or burn and felt uncomfortable, hoping that those listening would also grasp the love of God in equal measure.

yet just because something has been done badly or not the way we would do it.  do we throw the baby out with the bath water? I want to explore the concept of Evangelism why I still believe it is at the heart of every churches calling.

Romans 1.16 I am not ashamed of the gospel because for it is the power of God for salvation.

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Women and Evanglism

My Story

Let me start by sharing why I am so passionate about this subject.  it started with a God encounter at the age of 12 dancing around my living room listening to a Kevin Prosch tape (yes I am that old) I sudden felt the power of the holy spirit for the first time. My hands were burning and I felt like crying not really understanding what was happening to me.

 At this moment the tape I was listing to which was live recording broke off into a time of ministry the call was for anyone who hands were burning. I listened in total shock could they mean me?


 In response to the call I reached my hands out and said in my heart Yes God. At this moment Kevin started to explain this was a call to evangelism.  I had no idea what that was,  Yet I felt like God started to birth something in me that day. I went on to have many more encounters

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