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Kelleigh Wooderson-Hudson

Kelleigh, a devoted mother to two young adults, possesses a wealth of experience spanning over 25 years in the provision and management of services for local authorities, charities, and Church ministries. Her involvement in the development of outreach and housing services for vulnerable groups such as children, families, women fleeing domestic violence, and individuals impacted by trauma and abuse is truly commendable.

Not only does Kelleigh excel in her professional endeavors, but she also spearheads the Greater London project, which aims to empower churches in social action through the Cinnamon Network. As the visionary behind Life Essence Ministries, she has established a haven for women to embark on a journey of healing, personal growth, and success through a range of transformative activities, courses, prayer sessions, and events.

Moreover, Kelleigh's commitment to her spiritual and intellectual growth is evident in her pursuit of a Post Graduate Diploma in Kingdom Theology, Leadership, and Church Planting. This endeavor underscores her unwavering dedication to advancing the kingdom of God and her relentless pursuit of knowledge and personal development.

On the back of Kelleigh's wealth of experience she also offers freelance support to new and existing services that want support to grow and develop.

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Life Essence
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