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Our Mission

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At Life Essence Ministries, since 2017 it has been our mission is to create safe spaces for women to heal, thrive and survive within the church and through community social action projects.

We are passionate about witnessing women being healed, flourishing, and thriving in every aspect of their lives and aim to empower women in cultivating a meaningful and thriving relationship with Christ! We firmly believe that each woman possesses the potential to live a life filled with abundance and to embrace her true essence as designed by God.

We are committed to not just preaching the gospel, but embodying it through acts of love and assistance towards those in need. Our mission is to offer a safe haven and practical aid to women of all backgrounds who have faced or are currently facing abuse and trauma.​

Our foundation is built upon the diverse and creative contributions of women. These contributions span across various areas such as teaching, intercessory prayer, inner healing and deliverance, prophecy, sharing personal stories, and hosting in-person gatherings. as well as building projects to that respond to the needs of all wen of all faiths and backgrounds. 


Many of the women who actively contribute to Life Essence have personally experienced trauma, abuse, and other challenges. Through their own powerful encounters with God, they have dedicated their lives to ministering and supporting other women on their unique healing journeys through the Life Essence Platform.

We firmly believe that silence is not an option for the women of Life Essence. We understand that remaining silent only keeps us bound. Together, we strive to break free from the chains that hold us back and embrace the abundant life that God has intended for us.


To remain silent is not an option for the women of Life Essence, silence keeps us bound! 


Life Essence Ministries was born out of the experiences of its founder Kelleigh Wooderson-Hudson.  Kelleigh was at a point in life where she felt all hope was lost after a series of traumatic experiences that left her feeling broken. These experiences led her to seriously seek God with all her heart for healing and transformation. It was during this period that God gave Kelleigh the blueprint for Life Essence blogs and motivational messages.


‘The messages that God gave me became motivational messages for those who felt broken and crushed like me’ 

As Kelleigh began to grow and heal, the Life Essence platform also began to grow and offer more support to other women who were also going through a similar journey of healing and restoration. These women started to contribute to Life Essence recording podcasts, writing blogs and sharing testimonies of how God had also shone light into their darkest hours. Later on down the line Kelleigh then birthed Life Essence Supported Housing, a ‘safe place’ for women who were experiencing trauma to meet with God, have space and rest.





Soon it was time for a seasonal shift and God made it very clear that there was something deeper he wanted to do for women as part of Life Essence. Other women came on board developing aspects of Life Essence, providing courses, teaching, inner healing and deliverance, creative activities, opportunities for fellowship and a range of other activities. 


She Speaks Power ('El Roi' the God that sees) is now a new aspect of Life Essence Ministries birthed in 2024 that focuses on providing biblical teaching and encouragement on how God sees us as women, values us and wants us to be heard.


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She gave this name to the Lord who spoke to her: “You are the God who sees me,” for she said, “I have now seen the One who sees me.” ('El-Roi')

(Genesis 16:13)

Our Vision

Life Essence
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