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Journey with Kelleigh through her Significant 12 Blog Series.  Read as Kelleigh takes you on a step by step journey out of the wilderness, over the River Jordan and into the Promise Land!

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Emerging- Stone 6

June! June!  June!…….  here you are June!

Greetings LE Family I am back again, standing on  another memorial stone which is:

Significant Stone Number Six:  Emerging

Todays blog is about me, its about the ups and downs of my life. A life that has been

good, hard, stressful,  joyful, painful,

and if you could name any other emotion that too!

If I could describe my life before being born again I would say I feel like I  experienced numerous successes and knock-backs (just as you would expect in life)I felt like  I was never quite hitting the mark, that I could never quite reach my full potential, and also that I was a little bit directionless … no matter how hard I tried.

The frustration was real, the disappointment was real, and the empty dark spaces were very much real!

-The Key Scripture-

-Lost in the Dark-

Before I became a born-again Christian I very much walked in darkness and tried to accomplish things on my own, in my own strength, and as mentioned before I  felt like I was forever trying to reach a goal and missing the mark!

I had tried to set up all kinds of things including after-school clubs, play centers,  and nurseries, but for some reason they all failed part way through the development process.  Needless to say, this had put me in a space of feeling low.  My viewpoint was:

Nothing works for me!

No matter how much I try it’s never going to work!

My life and purpose  just are just one big rat race, with no end in sight!

I was sad, depressed, and on the brink of despair one could easily  say.


-Into The Light-

Then something changed…..

I became born again and was baptised in the Holy Spirit!

It was at this point that God began to show up in all areas of my life, and I began to see movement within my personal life, work life, relationships, my purpose, and in so many other areas of my life.

I started to receive downloads and ideas from God of many different projects and I began to write them down and create business plans.  He downloaded the vision for Life Essence Ministry and as you can clearly see from the site that plan is most certainly producing fruit!

  As Life Essence began to grow and develop I felt as if I was being pulled out of the dark into the light… I FINALLY HAD A PURPOSE!

Finally I had something that was building and  growing, something  that actually continues to grow today!

 Blogs, Supported Housing, Prayer Ministry, Courses, Workshops, Fundraising Activities, Volunteers, Articles, Radio Interviews, Speaking Invitations….


-Time to Bloom-

Now I have never been  fond of attention, and believe it or not I don’t  enjoy social media.

I’m an introvert!

 Despite this God has chosen to thrust Life Essence Ministry into the Light and and in full view pretty quickly.  This has enabled the ministry through myself and various volunteers along the way  to work with many women in different ways, and ultimately shine the light of God into their lives.


(Isaiah 9:2)

We can see in this Scripture that God declares that the faithful will emerge out from whatever darkness is surrounding them. That’s you and I when we are the faithful and we choose to give our life over to Christ.

You see we are like flowers 🌸 covered by snow.  When we let God in he removes the layers of snow which may be guilt, regret, doubt, disappointment, failure or anything that keeps us from emerging into the light! Once removed he shines his light and warm love on us.

We then bloom and grow and shine in whichever area he plants us.

Then your light will break forth like the dawn, and your healing will quickly appear; then your righteousness will go before you, and the glory of the LORD will be your rear guard

Isaiah  58:8

As I began to emerge into the light so did Life Essence Look at the power of God’s promises!

Below are some of the activities that took place within Life Essence since. 

-Fundraising Initiatives-

Volunteers at Life Essence, had a bright idea…and decided to get muddy!!

Funds were raised to take care of some of the practical needs of  women who had  experienced trauma in their lives, and who were  subsequently being supported through Life Essence Housing and Support.

-Guest Speaker Opportunities-

I had the amazing opportunity to be a keynote speaker at Highway Vineyard Church ‘Our Hearts for Christ Women’s Conference’


I had the opportunity to meet with multiple radio hosts and have been featured in various magazines talking about life, faith, journeying with God, leadership, working with women and a whole host of other topics close to my heart.

-Reflection and Meditation-

As you sit and reflect on this blog, I am pretty sure you have had some thoughts about your own life and where you recognized that maybe you have not built your life, business, or ministry with Jesus and have experienced setbacks, none starters, or you yourself and those around you not seeing your own potential. Or not supporting you in reaching your full potential by giving you opportunities to grow.

You may be asking yourself:

Where have I gone Wrong?

Why does everything fail?

Why are people are always blessed?

When is it my turn?

I have all these Ideas and don’t know where to start?

Lord where are you?

But what about my guilt, regret and self-doubts?

Well, the Good news is you can invite God into every area of your life, in fact, He wants you to submit all your plans to Him and follow His guidance

Let’s go even further and say that God wants you to submit your whole life to Him!

Your Ministry, Work, Health, Relationships, and Financesyour whole Life.  

He wants you to build your life on His firm foundation and stand on it!  He wants you to dig your spiritual foundation deep and develop deep faith!

“The heart of man plans his way, but the Lord establishes his steps” (Proverbs 16:b9) 

Building a sure spiritual foundation means investing, inspecting, and ensuring the foundation is maintained—and following God’s given instructions in the bible to do this! It also means learning to trust God with the small stuff. When you do, you will find it easier to trust God with the big stuff.


Take this time as an opportunity to resubmit your life, goals, visions, and plans to God. Invite Him in and ask for his grace, love, and mercy to fall on you and to bless you with wisdom and understanding for your next steps, be prepared to start all over again  if need be and also to work hard 🙂

-Praise & Worship-

Listen to this amazing song: Firm Foundation (He Won’t) (Feat: Chandler Moore & Cody Carnes) Maverick City Music | TRIBL

Listen to this amazing song: This is a Move (B Brandon Lake and Tasha Cobbs Leonard) 


Below is a picture of my incomplete creative work that encapsulates the year and is based on two key scriptures; Joshua 3- Crossing the Jordan River  the second being John 4-Jesus Talks With a Samaritan Woman


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